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16 km
20 min
Hřensko is a village in the Děčín district in the Ústí Region, which is the gateway to the Czech Switzerland National Park.

Pravčice gate

18 km
24 min
The national natural monument Pravčická brána is a rock gate formed in block sandstones of the Cretaceous age. It is located on the territory of the National Park České Švýcarsko about 3 km northeast of the village of Hřensko in the district of Děčín.

Kamenice gorge

18 km
24 min
Kamenice gorges are located near Hřensk in Czech Switzerland. These are the deep canyons of the Kamenice River in block sandstones. In the direction of the flow of Kamenice, first there is the Ferdinand gorge, behind the Dolský mlyn a section called Ve Strži, Divoká gorge and Edmund's gorge.

Tisa walls

27 km
31 min
The Tiske walls are a sandstone rock town and a natural monument near the village of Tisé in the district of Ústí nad Labem. They are unique in their size and variety of rock formations.

Benešov Castle

10 km
14 min
The castle complex Benešov nad Ploučnicí is a collective designation of seven historical buildings located in the center of the city of Benešov nad Ploučnicí. It consists of two castles (upper and lower), three palaces, a church and a chapel.

Děčínský Sněžník

27 km
35 min
Děčínský Sněžník (724 m) is a sandstone table mountain rising 7 km west-northwest of the town of Děčín. It represents the highest peak of the Sněžnická hornatina geomorphological district.

Czech Switzerland

27 km
65 min
The Saxon Switzerland National Park is a German national park located in the area of ​​the same name, which was declared in 1990 on a total area of ​​93 km².

Děčín castle

11 km
13 min
Děčín is a castle converted into a castle in Děčín on a sandstone rock on the right bank of the Elbe above the confluence of the Elbe and Ploučnice. The first fortified settlement on the rock was most likely an early medieval fort.

Děčín zoo

13 km
17 min
Děčín Zoo, with the full name Zoologická zahrada Děčín – Pastýřská stěna, is a zoo located on the outskirts of the city of Děčín in the northwestern part of the city of Podmokly, and its size ranks among the smaller zoos in the Czech Republic.

Pavlínino údolí

14 km
20 min
Pavlína údolí is a protected area that lies between the villages of Jetřichovice, Rynartice and Studený in the district of Děčín. Its area is 183 ha, length is about 3.5 km, in some places up to 70 meters deep.

Dolský mlýn

17 km
25 min
Dolský mlýn is located in the National Park České Švýcarsko near the confluence of the Kamenice and Jetřichovická Bělé rivers, about 1.2 km east of Kamenická Stráně in the Děčín district, to which it also belongs. The ruins of an ancient mill, it is protected as a cultural monument.

Mariina peak

14 km
21 min
Maria's Rock or Maria's Lookout is a sandstone rocky hill in Bohemiam Switzerland. It is located north above the village of Jetřichovice and is 428 meters above sea level.
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