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Phone number: +420 412 555 094
Stará Oleška, 405 02 Huntířov
Camp area: 20,000 m2, Altitude: 350 m
You can get to the camp from Děčín by road No. 13 in the direction of Česká Kamenice-Liberec. After eight kilometers, turn left at the crossroads in the village of Huntířov. From there it is only two kilometers to the village of Stará Oleška, where the camp is located. The campsite is not far from the Czech Switzerland National Park. If you drive towards Děčín from Česká Kamenice-Liberce, you turn right in the village of Huntířov at the intersection.
We brew our own beer. Come and taste
+420 412 555 094
Stará Oleška, 405 02
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